Boxer Dog Facts

Boxers are high-spirited pups perfect for a family — they are low maintenance and very trainable. But there’s also some fascinating information about their German history. Do you have a boxer? Tell us about your pet in the comments below and let us know if you want to see a video about a specific breed.

  • Boxers are a mix between an old English Bulldog and the Now-extinct Bullenbeisser
  • Boxers were first bred in Germany during the MID-1800 as Butcher dogs. Then they became one of the first military dog breeds. They were also used for dogfighting until the practice were outlawed in the United States
  • Boxers were used as circus performaners because they were easily trainable, strong and energetic.
  • They come in many colors but 18% white boxers are deaf
  • They short muzzles and coat make them vulnerable to hot and cold tempratures
  • Boxers snore alot, fart alot, drool alot and love alot.
    • Are boxers for me?
      + They are eager, loyal and intelligent
      + They groming in low-maintenance
      + They are medium-size
      + They are good in houses with access to yard space
      + They are great with kids and families
      + They are high-spirited and energetic
      + They live 11-14 years